How to Repair a Sewing Machine at Home? Easy Steps

How to Repair a Sewing Machine at Home? Know the Truth

No matter which brand you buy for every product you will face some problem periodically. So is for Sewing machines.

One wrong step can make your whole machine stop working. Sometimes the problems you face can be fixed by yourself.

how to repair a sewing machine at home

So before running to anyone sit first. Look into the machine for what is going wrong. Then try to fix it by yourself. It saves you time and money.

Below we will be talking about some basic problems that can be solved at home.

What are the Problems one can Face with the Sewing Machine?

Your sewing machine can have both internal and external problems. But of the cases it’s external and it happens for less knowledge about the using process.

You wrong using can make problems for you and your machine will stop working. The common problems you can face with a sewing machine are,

  • Needle keeps breaking
  • Breaking of bobbin thread
  • Skip in stitches
  • Noise in the machine
  • The sewing machine does not start

How to Repair a Sewing Machine at Home?

Let’s learn the details.

Needle keeps breaking

Your needle can break for several reasons. One of them is not using the proper size needle or the type of needle your machine needs.

Are you using the right needle? Check it first and if so then use the right needle. There are many sizes of needles.

You have to use different sizes in different fabrics. Size 9 or 11 works great for delicate and lightweight fabrics.

Size 14 works great for medium weight fabrics. And for heavyweight fabrics size, 16 and 18 is good. So you have to have a clear idea of the needle size else it will break continuously.

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Breaking of Bobbin Thread

If the thread gets tangled into the bobbin case then it will break several times. Another reason can be lower thread tension is too tight. These can be easily fixed at home. So why going to repair outside and waste money?

Another thing you need to remember is your thread thickness should be less than the needle thread thickness. So make sure you are correctly using your machine before rushing to fix it.

Skip in stitches

Skip in stitches is a very common problem. In can happen for many reasons but can be fixed easily. If you insert the needle incorrectly your sewer then skips stitches.

So try to insert your needle properly and then try to sew again. Another reason can be a damaged needle. In this case, it can skip stitches.

The needle size also needs to be checked. The hook tip must be above 1mm the eyelet of the needle and as close as to the surface.

If too low or too high it skips stitches. So check out these things and you can repair the sewing machine at home.

Noise in the machine

After working for a while your sewing machine can start making a very annoying noise. This can happen for dirt in the motor and insufficient oiling.

Another reason can be the motors drive belts tightening. Check out these things and you can fix it easily at home.

Try to give lubricate and clean your machine twice a week. And cover your machine with something after you are done working.

It will save your machine from dirt and dust. If you don’t look up to these your machine will make noise.

So you better have good care of your machine. Still, if it doesn’t work then take to fix it by someone professional at fixing.

The Sewing Machine Does Not Start

This can happen for several reasons. One reason can be the main power switch is turned off. So before panicking check the power switch button.

If it off then turns it on and your machine will start working. Then if your drive belt breaks your machine will stop working.

In this case, you have to get it fixed. The motor sometimes gets damaged and the machine stops working. You have to replace the motor else it will not work.

Fabric Does Not Move Property

Depending on the fabric you have to adjust the feed dog of your machine. If it’s not adjusted properly your fabric will not move at all.

Besides that, if the needle you are using is damaged it will not give stitches and your fabric will not move.

In this case, you have changed your needle and use the right size needle.

Another reason can be the fabric you are trying to sew is not the type your machine can sew. So check these things and hopefully you will not face the same problem again.

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Are These Helpful Enough to Repair your Machine at Home?

As I already said if the problem is not external then it’s very easy and solvable at home.

You just need to have a proper idea of the using process of your sewing machine. If you are using it in the right way it will not stop working.

In the case of the external problems, you have to get it fixed. There is no way you can fix it at home until you are a professional.

So before rushing to get it fixed try at home. And we almost listed the basic problems one can face.

Mostly these happen for less knowledge about the using process. However, using correctly you will never face such problems easily.

And even if you do you can fix the sewing machine by yourself at home.

Final Words

Before rushing outside check your machine first. The problems can be easily solved if you know the problem. Clean your sewing machine every day because dirt damages the parts of the machines. Being a new sewer you can do things inappropriately and it can make problems too.

So if you learn how to fix by yourself you can fix it later as well. It saves a lot of money and increases your sewing skills too. However, every sewer should know the basic Sewing machine repairs and fixings. A basic repairing book is given with most of the machines which make your work easier

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