How to Clean Sewing Machine: 5 Easy Steps

how to clean sewing machine

How to Clean Sewing Machine: Learn the Details

Your sewing machine will behave better if you take good care of it. By good care we meant cleaning, protecting and storing it properly.

You have to clean your machine twice a week. If you don’t do so the parts inside the machine will start damaging.

And after some time your sewing machine will stop working totally.

how to clean sewing machine

Specks of dust can damage your machine so it is important to clean it properly.

Cleaning sewing machines is very easy and you can do it yourself. Just follow some steps and use some tools properly.

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Now let’s talk about the steps in detail.

How to Clean Sewing Machine: Step by Step Guide

Step 1:

Go Through the Guide Book and Manual

First things first, find your machine guide book that is provided with the sewing machine.

Then go through it to know how they mentioned cleaning the machine.

Then try to follow those steps while cleaning. Then check the manual so that you can understand the machine parts and how those can be opened.

If a manual is not given then ask the company to send you one. Or you can YouTube the model of your machine and be clearer about it. 

Step 2: 

Gather your Tools 

Gather the things you need to clean your machine. You will be needing some clean and soft fabrics, some brushes of different sizes, water, and oil and most importantly the machine itself.

Manage everything near you and organize them.

If you organize these before you start cleaning then you don’t have to waste time finding those.

It will save time and effort. And you can finish your cleaning easily. You can also use a vacuum machine to suck the dirt out from the difficult parts.

If you don’t have one you can buy one from stores or from online.

It helps the most to clean the dirts from the sewing machine. It will make your work easier. 

Step 3: 

Removing Parts 

Remove the parts from the machine so that you can easily clean the inside parts. After removing, put the parts in one place.

So there will be no risk of losing those. While removing the parts make sure you remove them smoothly.

Do not rush while removing else you can end up breaking the parts. And without those parts, your sewing machine will not function.

Remove the needles, threads from the machine too. Removing all these will give easy access while you do cleaning. 

Step 4: 

Cleaning the Machine

Firstly, power off your machine. Now that you almost prepared your machine for cleaning you can start doing it.

Start removing the threads from the machine if there is any. Then take a brush and remove the dirt from the inside parts. Make sure you do it smoothly.

If you are not able to go too deep into the parts do not force.

It can damage the sewing machine parts. Use a small vacuum to remove the dirt from the inside places. And if you don’t have a vacuum leave it.

Use fabric for removing the dirt from the machine that is easily accessible.

If needed you can wet the fabric a little bit. But make sure it is not too wet.

Smoothly clean the overall machine. Now take the parts you removed from the machine and clean them too. 

Some places you need to clean property:

  • Needle plate
  • Bobbin case
  • Side cover if the Machine has any
  • Tension discs

These need to be cleaned very carefully. Give most of the time for your cleaning in these places.

And make sure there are no threads left out there.

If our steps seem hard to you follow the guide book provided with the Machine. 

Step 5:

Put the Removed Parts into the Machine

As you are done cleaning the machine you have to put the removed parts.

Remember to put the parts into the right place or your Machine will not work.

While putting the parts, do not rush and take time. You have to be more careful when you put the bobbin case and needle plate.

These areas are very sensitive and the main parts of the machine. So any damage can ruin your whole sewing machine.

After putting the removed parts plug in your machine and check if everything is fine.

Some other Maintenance Tips

  • Cleanyour machine twice a week. If you clean more often the dust will not go Inside easily
  • Always use clean tools to clean the machine. If your tools are not clean it will make the machine dustier and dirt can go inside.
  • Use a soft and clean fabric. Harsh fabrics can damage the sewing machines’ parts.
  • Oil your machine every day if you work every day. And if you work less, then you can oil before you work.
  • Before oiling makes sure the machine is clean. If you oil the machine with dirt on it, it can damage the whole Machine.
  • Always cover your machine after you are done working. Covering the outside of the machine is important.
  • Don’t keep your sewing machine into a dusty area.
  • Change the needles more often. A damaged needle can damage your machine.
  • Make sure your hands are clean when you use the sewing machine.

You can take help from machine maintenance if cleaning seems hard to you.

Final Words

The sewing machine needs to be cleaned properly else it will stop working properly. And after some time it will stop working totally. You don’t want that right? Your machine can make noise if it has dust inside and needs oiling. So you have to maintain these things if you want to keep your machine at sound health.

Cleaning sewing machines is not that hard. You just have to do a couple of things properly. Also, you don’t even need someone’s assistance. So don’t be lazy and try to clean your machine twice a week. It will increase the longevity of your machine and performance.