How to Make a Drop in Sewing Machine Table

How to Make a Drop in Sewing Machine Table? Know the Fact

If you are a sewer and do quilting or big projects then you must face a problem for not having a large surface area for working.

Here I am going to tell you how to make a drop in sewing machine table.

A large surface area helps and makes every work easy. Sewing machines do come with attached tables but not large enough for large projects.

how to make a drop in sewing machine table

So what if you make your own drop-in sewing machine table? Then you can work easily putting your whole fabric into a large area.

Following some steps, you can easily make a drop-in sewing machine table so let’s get started!

Firstly, Identify and arrange the things you need

You will be needing a table and it can be of wood or any other material. But we would suggest using wood as it is easy to cut through.

Then you will need a cutter to cut your material, a drill to make necessary holes and glue, screws, blade. Arrange all these in one place so that you can have everything near your hand.

 In The Case of not Having a Table

If you don’t have a table you can make one easily. With some easy steps make your table first to build the drop-in sewing machine.

The steps are:

Shape the tabletop

Wood or any material you want to make the top. It is better to use wood. After taking it to measure the shape you want.

After measuring take a marker and point out the shapes. Then take a saw and cut the wood. After you are done shaping the top put it aside.

Skirt structure

A skirt structure needs to be made because it will hold your tabletop. You can add drawers to store your things.

Determine the size of your machine and have a space for it as well. As this space is the main part make sure the measurements are right.

Shape the legs

Shape the legs of your table. Measure the legs and cut according to how high you want your table to be. After cutting the legs measure the size again to make every leg one size.

Join everything

The last step is joining every part with each other. First, take the tabletop and attach the skirt with it. Make sure to use screws and glues.

If it gets attached properly then keep it aside to dry the glue. After some time attach the legs turning the bottom of the table.

The legs need to be attached in the proper place. Use strong glue and if needed screws too.

You can easily make a table if you have all the necessary things near you. Just follow the steps properly.

Secondly, outlining the shape of the machine in the table

Mark the spot with the size of the machine where you want it to be placed. With a marker properly mark the size and make sure it is accurate.

Check 2-3 times after marking for accuracy. Then remove the machine aside.

Double-check the bottom of the machine where the sewing machine meets the table.

There should be no gap between the machines table surface and the wooden table’s surface.

This is the most important step so you have to be very accurate with the marks you make.

Thirdly, drill the marked holes and check machines fit

Drill the marked holes with the drill machine. After that cut, the marked areas with a cutting saw carefully.

After you are done cutting check if the machine fits properly or not. If the machine does not fit then make some necessary cuts to make it fit.

After it fits make necessary holes for the cables as well.

Next, building the base

Your table will have a base but it is necessary to make a base under the machine area for extra support.

Measure the width and length from the bottom of the table. Then cut the woods and attach it with the table.

You may have to overturn the bottom of the table for this work. Make sure you attach the screws tightly.

Use glue for attaching the particles more tightly. Set the glue for some to dry. It will make your table stable and strong.

Smooth out the edges

As you are done doing most of the main things now it’s time to finish the left-over works. You made the necessary cuts throughout the job.

Find out the sharp edges to make it smooth. Else you can cut your hands or scratch while you start working.

Your fabrics also may tear out from the sharp edges. So, it is necessary to smooth them out.

Furthermore, it also helps to make your table look good and professional.

Lastly, Attaching the sewing machine

Fit your sewing machine in the table carefully. Now fit the cables of the machines through the holes.

The perfect result will be a seamless surface that covers both the machines’ table and a wooden table.

For checking start the sewing machine and check if the table is stable or not. If everything is fine your table will not shake.

This is how you can easily make a drop-in sewing machine table for you at home on your own. The steps are very easy to follow.

You can take someone to have help you so that you can finish the steps easily and in less time.

Final Words On How to Make a Drop in Sewing Machine Table

Some things can be done by you easily at your home if you know how to do it. And most importantly if you have the necessary things with you to make it happen.

Life and work get easier if you make things how you like. If you make a drop-in sewing machine table on your own you can have a large area to work in. Also, some drawers in the table to store the necessary sewing items.

A table that was of no use can be turned into a drop-in sewing machine table. You will love to work in a big space. Works will be easier and fun to do.

You don’t have to compromise anything in that case and do work efficiently.

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